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 Hayden Bourne

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PostSubject: Hayden Bourne   Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:14 am

Name: Hayden Bourne
Nickname: None yet.
Hero or Sidekick: Hero
Special Power: Agility and Ice control
Appearence: Hayden is very slim with toned, hour glass figure and describe as beautiful with a huge, welcoming smile that shows off her set of pearl white teeth. She has perfect posture and has piercing blue eyes that contrast well with her pale skin tone, with long blonde/white hair that tends to fall over one shoulder. Her nails are normally always well manicured and she is never caught looking messy. She has a few tattoos but they aren't that visible to the naked eye, only a few on her wrists; one is the writing of her parents name in old english writing curving on the insides of her wrists, in black in, with another tattoo placed in-between her finger and thumb on her left hand, a black star.
Hayden tends to dress much up to the latest muggle trends with the newest of clothes, fresh of the catwalks of New York. She enjoys fashion very much and enjoys mixing and matching and being different to other people. She likes to cause a scene, wearing short mini-skirts and revealing tops, standing out in the crowd is one of the things that Hayden can do very well. Hayden also likes to wear head bands and lets her hair flow down her shoulders in a very fairy like way, with short, flowing skirts and clinging tops, she enjoys to show of her veela body. Normally she wears short sleeved shirts when she is not wearing her school uniform, she enjoys showing off her tattoos as each have a meaning behind them, finding inked skin very beautiful, as it is another way of showing pieces of art, your skin is like a blank canvas.

Personality:Friendly: one of the things that tends to sum up Hayden as she gets along with anyone, being fun and flirty she could get to the toughest of hearts, with her puppy dog eyes and wonderful charm. Most of personality is much like her mothers quiet at first but then she opens up like a flower and can be tones of fun with most people enjoying her company and never gets on the nerves of anyone, unless she does, which is very rare.

She tends to get into trouble alot as she likes to take alot of risks, since she thinks that breaking the rules is fun. She has got a caring heart and whenever she gets a close friend she is loyal and will stick by them no matter what, protecting them whatever happens. Hayden also enjoys her music and has a guitar which she writes songs, copying the music but then puts her own emotions to the music, this was a way that she found how to help with her depression when she was young, she taught herself at the age of 10.

She also has many quirks and habits such as fiddling with strands of her long jet black hair, nibbling of her lip when she gets nervous (which she does when she is around good looking boys), flirting is one of her favorite things to do as she finds it amusing. Hayden tends to be funny, but enjoys listening to people and solving their problems much like a muggle Agony Aunt. Now she is older, she tends to flirt much more than she did. She smokes from time to time, as she found out that it helped with her aggression and anger issues.

Hayden's parents were rather posh, with a younger sister who is around 8 years old so is at the stage where she is very annoying. Her past is very clear with not alot of things to stop her from where she wants to be going in her future plans.
Durning Hayden's junior years at her boarding she roomed with 3 young girl's whom she became very good friends with and they remain friends up to the current day and they found out about her powers but swore to keep them a secret. She came from a very close family but once they found out about her powers they soon sent her away to a boarding school so they could figure out what to do with her, until they then decided to send her to Sky High where there would be more people just like her.

Person portraying the character in avatar/signature:Elisha Cuthbert
Loyalty:[Good or Evil?] Good - for now.
Relationship status: Single - looking.
Sexuality: Straight
RP sample:Hayden walked gracefully through to the gardens as she slowly pushed her long golden locks out of her blue electric eyes as she soon caught sight of one of her friends, What was he doing here alone? Did he need company? She didn't move quickly as she pushed her hair over one shoulder and looked around to see if there was any other person hiding but from what she could see it was just him and her. Smoothing her white t-shirt over her smooth, toned body before nibbling on her lip as she ambled over to him, with a soft smile on her peach lips.

She coughed once, hoping to attract his attention, "Hello," She whispered, they had been friends ever since she had first came to Sky High, he looked like Aphrodite's husband, he was truly gorgeous gorgeous. She rubbed her hands together as she then moved towards the marble seat, "Is this seat taken?" She asked with a slow, velvet voice dripped off her tongue as her eyes glistening with excitement as she then lowered herself down with a swift move, she was beside him.

She wondered wether the other people at the school looked down on her. She wanted to know how they all felt about her, of course, no one wanted to be hated — she would do anything to sort bad feelings out. "It's a beautiful day," Hayden commented as the sun streamed down and bounced of her skin, touching her hair and causing it to shimmer, with the cool breeze making it cascade down her back and swirl around her slightly. She smiled softly, letting her breath whip around from her lips that were not twisted into a small smile, pleasantly as she folded her leg over another at the knee, gently and ladylike with her posture perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: Hayden Bourne   Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:26 am


Wondered when you were going to post (:


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Hayden Bourne
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