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 Edward Anthony Masen

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Edward Masen

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PostSubject: Edward Anthony Masen   Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:56 pm

Edward Anthony Masen

Nickname:Edward, Ed, Eddie
Hero or Sidekick:Hero
Special Power:Telekinesis, Pryokinesis

Edward Is described as a being is impossibly beautiful. Sometimes he can be described to the mythical Greek god Adonis. His skin is "like marble"– and is very pale for a human. His facial features are relatively perfect and angular - high cheekbones, strong jawline, a straight nose, and beautiful, full lips. His hair, which is always in casual disarray, retains the unusual bronze shade that he inherited from his mother. His eyes, now emrald green. His fingers slender and is said to have a dazzlingly crooked smile. Clothes wise, Edward usually dresses formally in shirt and jeans other wise it is a casual clothes, that to varies.

Edward is said to be charming, polite, determined, and very stubborn. He is very protective over his family and thoughs he cares about he usually puts other peoples welfare before anything else. He often over-analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact. He retains some outdated speech musch like that of the early 20th century, and can be very romantic.

Edward is a very complicated person. He tends to overreact easily, but has good intentions. He is a very deep thinker, and believes that he is an obstacle in the way of others lives. He is not the happiest person himself - often calling himself a monster or freak given his strange abilty. His love for anything often runs deep and in doing so it is teaching him something that can never be learned in a textbook - love. He has almost constant mood swings; it just depends on the topic. Edward easily hides his emotions and the things he thinks away from others, believing that hiding things will be better then speaking them, He however gets frustrated very easily, especially when dealing with certain people, Most of the time he is rather calm and seems like he doesn't care, but he's actually a loving person who cares a lot about the people close to him.

Edward Anthony Quinlan was born to parents Elizabeth and Edward Quinlan on June 20, 1987. As a young child Edward took a keen intrest in learning all that he could, and was and stll is a very talented musician, in the musical industry. Having learnt to play the piano and even gitar at a young age, His parents often showed him off to members of the family or the public. Edward attended a grammer school in his early years, hence developing his high interlect and sparse speaking ways.

However it was on one particular day that things took a turn for the worst, during one 'show', The crowed grew roudy and there fore Edward grew irritated. Tthis was his first dispaly of his unatural talent of telekenisis. Many thought he was a freak, as did his parented they were dissaointed in the fact he was not 'normal. "so his parents moved away from the town of Chicargo to the country side. Being away from friends and school and being cooped up within the small house his emotions got the better of him , and at one time he ended up near enough destroying the house.

His parents soon grew werey and gave up work in order to contain Edward, Yet Edward knew to the extent his parents hated him for being what he was. Eventually his parents gre wery and were deep in debt, there for stress levels rose and in that one lecture Edward ended up killing his Father by means of Telekenisis. His mother at first hid away , and Edward was left to feed himself and his mother, many times he thought of runing away yet his mother needed him, till the point when she grew Crazy.

Deep in debt and starving it was time for drastic actions, His mother oblivous to the fact she had a son now had gone. Replaced with despiration, To which his mother found out about a special clinic with the white walls and doors. One that specilized in 'freaks. and would gladly take any in for a large amount of money. At the age of thirteen Edward was awoken to many noises, And was soon dragged from his bed screaming and kicking as his Mother watched glassy eyed.

Many years went by within the clinic of enduring various needles and exercises to be used as a possible weapon, an instrament to be played. This carried on till the age of 13 when madness was beginning to settle. In all the years his mother never came, what became of her he was told she had died of a broken heart and starvation, this shattered Edward, he had lost everything a home a fmaily and all his friend, He blamed the deaths on himself his being alive. Not wishing to stay at the clinic in fear of killing many others, or the madness of the abilty to kill, he ran away

He ran into the woods where he spent the years up till he was 17 alone cold, mad even. It was at the point of despiration he kindled a liking for fire, he spent many days and nights admireing the fire working with it and around it, till the sudden candle within him ignited Months later Edward emerged from the forest with a new light.

Person portraying the character in avatar/signature:Robert Pattinson
Relationship status:Single.
Sexuality:attracted to opposite sex.

RP sample:
Quote :
(from another site)
It was late, very late. The hoots of owls echoed in calling out into the misty evening. The moon was shining bright casting it's luminous light ofter the canopy of twisted trees, elongating the trees roots into unwelcoming tendrils. There shadows stretched out upon the forest floor as the loomed over small creatures. The screeches of foxes sounded, surrounding the area with the calls of nature. To many, they would stray away from such a sight and sound, yet a boy, lone, pale and with deadly accuracy and precision didn't mind it. It was after all better the socializing with humans. He had had his fair share with humans, he doubted he would ever socialize with them again, Or place another being in danger., Mush as he had done with his now immortal wife Bella. He did not regret such a decision, yet he couldn't never do it again. So many times did the boy's hawk like vision was haunted by those whom he had slay all that time ago, that long time ago. The screams sometimes still echoed in his mind, like a consent reminder. Dew covered the grass and other foliage the eerie stretched silence was prolonged only by the occasional snap of a twig as animals searched for food.

There was however, one specific animal. A creature, and a predator to other animals and humans alike, whom to which roamed the night. The path this hunter walked was just as deadly, and now he was hunting. Slipping through the trees, he prowled quietly, occasionally he would duck or leap over a fallen tree, only to nimbly land once again and continue his hunt. His feet barely making any sound on the forest floor. He moved at such inhuman, un-natural speed and grace that even the shadows themselves recoiled. The scent of a doe called to him, and reeled him in, filling his nose and dead lungs with a wondrous scent. His mouth all but pooled with venom, his eyes were black, a dark abyss, devoided of all human emotion savor for the gluttony need and lust to feed. A monstrous feeling, invaded his mind. His thoughts. His eyes remained a coal black, unseeing, yet seeing in so many ways.

There, eventually stood before the boy another creature, lone and grazing idly, it's ears flicked in the night. Weary. It's eyes bright. Yet In the shadows, unknown to the poor creature stood that very predator. Edward Cullen. The pray in which he desired still oblivious to the fact that death would soon be the outcome, grazed continuously. With the creature so close, it's scent sharp and tempting, teased Edward's very instints and a tremble of hunger shuddered through his body, like wild fire. Fire that often only belonged to that of a Hunter. Edward circled closer keeping the creature in sight, as he moved forward further still. Not yet did he wish to scare her, not yet. Eventually he moved till he stood behind it, it's scent strong and overpoweringly sweet. It would of course not state the full hunger he yearned for, yet it would only faintly satisfy him, Excitement grew at the prospect of such, Warm, crimson liquid touching his pale cold stone lips. Tainting his being further. But he was of course, neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, he was a man, he was a vampire. Staring with eager eyes Edward gazed to the innocent creature, Edward could not help yet pity the poor thing. The doe was young, barely a little one nor a mother. He was closer now.

Suddenly, the doe to fright, sensing the immediate danger. It took flight. In a blur unseeing to the human eye Edward moved fast. He circled around to the side of the creature as it darted form left to right. Approaching it in swift notion, Edward had cut it off, grappling onto the innocents body, with swift notions, a sharp click sounded. With a parting of his pale lips. He tore at what he wanted. Blood. It filled his mouth in a rush, Turning his once pale marble lips into a grotesque red. Slowly his eyes returned to a light colour, the familiar golden liquid topaz. The doe of course lay motionless, it's eyes open in horror, Edward caught the flicker of light left in the creatures eyes. Before it, like a candle was snuffed out. Lifeless and still. The poor creature never stood a chance.[/center]

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Faith Liquin

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PostSubject: Re: Edward Anthony Masen   Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:56 pm



I'm becoming this all I want to do,
Is be more like me and be less like you.
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Edward Anthony Masen
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